Project Department


All activities undertaken by the Corporation in accordance with the aim and objectives as envisaged in its Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are termed as ‘KEXCON PROJECTS’ and executed through its Project Department (Technical Wing).Kexcon Projects are grouped into two categories, viz ‘Projects implemented entirely with its own fund’ and ‘Projects implemented with Government Plan Fund &own fund in particular ratio’.


(a) Projects Implemented with Own Fund

  • Provisioning of ‘Security Services& skilled / unskilled manpower’ to various establishments as per their requirements.
  • ‘House of Skills – Electrical Maintenance Project’.
  • Operation of pay & parking areas.

(b) Projects Implemented with Government Plan Fund & Own Fund in Particular Ratio

  • House of Skills – Solar Energy Project.
  • Uniform & Garments Manufacturing Project.
  • Neethi Medicals Project.

The projects are executed by employing Ex-servicemen and their dependents, who have registered with the Corporation for employment. However, technical experts are hired in the case of certain major projects where ESM of such category are not available. Employment/placement of Ex-servicemen and their dependents for execution of various projects are carried out with due approval of Managing Director through Administrative Officer (Departmental Head). Project Consultant is the advisor to the Managing Director for project forecast, preparation, execution and monitoring of all the projects.