Provisioning of Security Services &Skilled / Unskilled Manpower

The Corporation provides “Ex-servicemen Security Services” and “skilled/unskilled Ex-servicemen” to all the indenting establishments as per their requirement. Besides, number of ESM with qualifications and experience in various technical and medical fields like Electric, Electronic, Mechanical & Automobile Maintenance, Pharmacy and Medical Nursing, gained during their military service are also registered/available with the Corporation for employment in their own segments. Government of India, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Department of Public Enterprises vide their office Memorandum No. 6/22/93-DPE (SC/ST Cell) dated October 04, 2005 has instructed all Central Government Public Sector Undertakings/ Enterprises (CPSU/CPSEs) that the State Ex-servicemen Corporation be allowed to apply for security related duties directly without the sponsorship of DGR. Government of Kerala vide their Order No. GO (MS)179/05/GAD dated 04 June 2005 and Circular Nos 134/05/GAD dated 12th December 2005, 71307/12/GAD dated 1st October 2012 and SW1/126/2019 (SWD) dated 4th November 2019 have also instructed its departments, PSUs, local bodies and other quasi-government organizations to deploy contract staff only through this Corporation without inviting tender/quotation. 


The wages are fixed either as per Kerala State rate or DGR rate published from time to time, at the discretion of the Principal Employer. Government of Kerala vide their Gazette (Extra Ordinary) notification No 513 (Volume IV) dated 10th March 2015, has exempted all the Ex-servicemen employed by this Corporation from ESI subscription. Other statutory charges like service charge, GST, Principal Employer’s share of PF contribution as applicable etc will also be paid by the Principal Employer. Detailed proposal along with requisite documents are forwarded to all the establishments as and when asked for and negotiation / meetings are arranged where required. Deployment of ex-servicemen or their dependents are made as per the requirement of Principal Employer after necessary documentation including execution of agreement. Immediately on deployment, this Corporation process application for labour licence with Central or State Labour Commission offices as applicable and the licence is obtained in the case of those establishments where more than 19 Ex-servicemen are deployed by the Corporation. In accordance with the Government of Kerala notifications mentioned above, the Corporation is already providing skilled/ unskilled manpower and guarding services to various organizations / establishments. List of our such elite clients is available in the website.