Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the procedures followed for disbursement of wages to Ex-servicemen deployed with various units?


Attendance of all Kexcon employees deployed with Principal Employers is submitted to KEXCON by e-mail on first/second working day of the next month. Kexcon in turn submits the bills to Principal Employer within next four working days by return e-mail, followed by hard copy by post, where required.  Payment thereon received from the Principal Employer is disbursed to the respective ESM employee on the next working day of receipt after detaining the amount pertaining to statutory charges like GST, Service Charge, Provident Fund subscriptions etc.


  1. How can I close my EPF account?


Application on a plain paper quoting EPF account No, registration No and contact No to be sent to Kexcon. Staff of EPF section will contact you after verifying your EPF details and guide you on the course of action to be followed to close your EPF account.


  1. How can I get my monthly pay slip?


Monthly pay slips cannot be dowloaded from the existing software. However as new software has been deployed the pay slips are uploaded on the website after preparation of bills. Pay slip can be downloaded with the help of the software. Queries related to payments received from the employees by e-mail /by post will be attended to within a week.


  1. I belong to Pudussery (UT). Can I register myself with Kexcon?


No. All ex-servicemen and their dependents, who belong to the State of Kerala and desire employment through the Corporation, can only register themselves with the Corporation.


  1. I am an Ex-serviceman of Palakkad Distt. I retired from service on 01 March 2020. Can I register with Kexcon online?


Yes. Copies of identity card issued by respective Zila Sainik Board, Discharge Book, Pension Book, Adhaar Card, PAN Card, Testimonial etc are the documents required to get your name registered with the Corporation. Application form for registration can be either downloaded from the Kexcon website or collected in person from the Registration section of the Corporation. Ex-servicemen and their dependents, who register their names online, have to download the application and then upload it online duly filled along with all relevant documents. The software system will allot a temporary registration number on successful uploading. Then the hardcopies of all these documents are to be sent to the Corporation by post at the earliest. The registration will be confirmed by the Registration section after scrutiny of the documents within a fortnight of receipt of the documents by post. It will be communicated to the applicant through their registered e-mail/by SMS text message. The temporary registration number allotted by the system automatically online will not be valid in the absence of confirmation by the Corporation.


  1. I belong to Kollam Distt. My name was registered with Kexcon in January 2014. I have not been called for employment so far. When can I expect a call up for employment?


Registration of candidature with the Corporation alone cannot assure call up for employment by the Corporation as it is not considered a right for placement /employemnt. ESM and their dependents need to be enlisted in the Seniority / Rank List prepared every year by the Corporation. For this purpose, the Corporation invites applications through leading News Papers in November every year. Ex-servicemen and their dependents, who hold valid registration number, should then apply on a plain paper for employment in response to the advertisement quoting their registration number, so as to be considered for employment next year. Seniority/Rank List of job aspirants is prepared District-wise based on the applications received and in order of Registration number seniority of applicants. Call up orders are issued next year based on the Seniority / Rank List. Ex-servicemen and their dependents should invariably quote their registration number in all correspondence on the subject.


  1. What are the documents required to be carried while attending screening for employment?


Requisite documents are ESM Identity Card, Discharge Book, Adhaar Card, Bank Pass Book (SBI only), photographs (passport size-1 & stamp size-2). Candidates selected for placement after screening will undergo necessary documentation including execution of agreement between the Corporation and candidate.


  1. I was removed from Security Guard duty with Kerala Feeds, Kallettumkara due to a fault committed by me. Am I eligible for new job in any other unit?


Any fault in work / performance as assessed by the Principal Employer or his authorized supervisory staff will make the employee liable for disciplinary action, termination of his contract without assigning any reasons and deducting any dues or compensation there-of. The contract with the employee as well as his registration will cease automatically in case of his involvement in grave disciplinary/legal cases. Decision in serious disciplinary cases will be taken by the board of directors which will be final and it will not be revoked under any circumstances. However, you can apply for job as and when Kexcon floats advertisement through leading Newspapers. Consideration of the application will be subject to the gravity of offence and disciplinary action initiated against you.

  1. Is it necessary to visit Kexcon office in person for registration?


Not necessary. Please refer to the answer to question 5 above. In addition, under situations such as that of Covid-19, all documents necessary for registration may be send by post to Kexcon for further action to confirm registration.


  1. What is my monthly salary?
  2. What are the deductions from my salary?
  3. How much amount is deducted from my wages for EPF contribution?
  4. How can I know my EPF number?
  5. How can I know my UAN number?

Answer to questions 10 to 14: Employees are unable to download pay slip from the present software. However, they will be able to do so from the new software. The pay slip will contain all the personal information It will provide answer to all their salary related questions.