Organization Overview

The Board of Directors have 10 members, which includes the Chairman, Managing Director, three Government nominees and five ex-officio members nominated by the Government. A selection committee, presided over by the Secretary, General Administration Department and the Secretary, Sainik Welfare Department as members, appoint the Managing Director of the Corporation. The Principal Staff Officers to the Managing Director, i.e. Administrative Officer and Finance Officer are posted on deputation from General Administration Department and Finance Department of the Government secretariat respectively. All other posts are filled up on either daily wages or contract basis as deemed fit with the approval of the Board of Directors. Draft Service Rules and Special Rules for the appointment of staff (except Managing Director and deputation staff) through Kerala Public Service Commission have been formulated in accordance with the Government Orders of year 2012 and submitted to the Government duly recommended by the Board of Directors.

Operations of various projects undertaken by the Corporation and the general administration of the office are carried out under the leadership of the Managing Director. The two Principal Staff Officers, viz Administrative Officer of the rank of Deputy Secretary and Finance Officer of the rank of Under Secretary posted on deputation, assist the Managing Director in co-ordination of all the projects, financial dealings, administration and routine matters.